Stations and Table Activities

Use these ideas to entertain, enrich or bust boredom!
Break the Ice

Break the Ice

Suggested ages: 3+

This station has small toys such as cars and trucks stuck inside chunks of ice. Children have to use small hammers to break the ice!

Building Station

Building Station

Suggested ages: 1 - 8

This is a place for children to build and explore with things that go. Favorite items are magnet blocks, train tracks, trains, cars, trucks and more!


Animal Fun

Suggested ages: 1 - 6

Stuffed animals, plastic animals, or animal puppets are only a few of the things that make this station fun. Add some building blocks and watch the animals come to life in their newly created environments.

Bean Bag Toss

Bean Bag Toss

Suggested ages: 1 +

Children love throwing bean bags as far as they can. Add some various colored boxes and points and watch the older kids challenge themselves.

Corn Hole Game

Corn Hole Game

Suggested ages: 4 +

Similar to bean bag toss, these are with heavier bags and a wooden frame This game also can add more team competition to the open bean bag toss game.

Cup bulding

Cup Building

Suggested ages: 3 +

Give the  kids lots and lots of plastic cups and they'll have a blast building tall structures over and over and over again.

Flying Paper Airplane

Air Gliders

Suggested ages: 3 - 9

This creative station is for children to use the various craft items to create their own foam airplane gliders. An open space to test their flight is recommended.

Magnet Box

Magnet Fun

Suggested ages: 3 - 8

Whether it's the magnet letters or a bunch of other magnet toys or items you have. Try adding some cookie sheets and put the fun in a new space to see the new ways to play that may venture into some 3D creations.

Shaving Cream

Shaving Cream

Suggested ages: 1 - 8

On a clean surface spray some shaving cream and let the littles explore with their hands. Add in some popsicle sticks to encourage designs or some writing with the older ones.

Hammer Station

Hammer Station

Suggested ages: 3 - 7

With some small hammers, golf tees, and foam blocks (traditionally used for floral arrangement), captivate their attention while building great hand-eye coordination.

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear Picnic

Suggested ages: 1 - 6

With some stuffed animals, dishes and play food, children can create a fun picnic. Add in some story telling, songs and turn taking to build in some literacy skills.



Suggested ages 1 - 8

Using a full tent, or a small beach tent, create a new atmosphere for play. Put inside some books, puzzles or stuffed animals for little ones or add in a camping feel for the older ones. Use empty paper towels rolls and tissue paper for a pretend fire too. 

Fake Snow

Fake Snow

Suggested ages: 1 - 7

Chunk apart a bag of pillow stuffing into smaller pieces and put inside a bin or spread around a play area. Add in some toys to pretend to be playing in the snow, or enjoy a fake snowball fighter with the older ones.

Image by Morning Brew

Shopping Play

Suggested ages: 1 - 7

Spread out some empty boxes of food such as pasta, cereal or snacks. Add some empty plastic jugs of milk or juice and you've got a store! Hand your child some empty shopping bags and pretend to buy some things to take home to the kitchen. Add some tags with prices, or make paper money for older kids to add in more math skills.

Gift Wrapping

Gift Wrapping

Suggested ages: 3 - 7

Children love to wrap even if it's not for a real gift! Collect small boxes or containers and put them in a pile or a large bin. Provide some wrapping paper, tissue or other large thin paper and tape and watch how many surprise gifts you get!

Sorting Fun

Sorting Fun

Suggested ages: 2 - 5

Sorting is an early academic skill to help kids recognize the differences between objects. Gather a bunch of items that have 2 or more similar characteristics and encourage them to notice things that are the same or different. Start with colors, then progress to shapes, sizes, or letter sounds.


Pumpkin Faces

Suggested ages: 1+

Learn about shapes and feelings while practicing fine motor skills to make Jack-o-lantern faces.

Download the PDF here.


Play doh

Suggested ages: 1+

All ingredients for making one. Step-by-step video is also in our YouTube channel.

Download the recipe here.

Melting Ice Cubes

Sensory: Melting Icecubes

Suggested ages: 3 - 8

Put some cold water to a couple of small dish bins. Add some small scoops or spoons, ice cubes and magnifying glasses to watch the ice melt. 

For variation premake some colorful icecubes with food coloring.

Sensory : Doll washing

Sensory: Doll Washing

Suggested ages 2 - 8

Fill a flat bin with some soap and bubbles. Add some plastic dolls, washcloths and a couple small scoops. Put some towels nearby and watch those babies get cleaned like never before!

Sensory Doll Washing

Sensory: Dishwashing

Suggested ages: 2 - 7

Fill a flat bin with some soap and bubbles. Add some dishcloths, plastic dishes, and a dry rack next to the bin and watch the kids get focused!

Paper Machine

Sensory: Paper Mache

Suggested ages: 1 - 6

Brown paper mache is fun to touch and feel. Add some farm animals, blocks and other toys to see how the play evolves.

Plastic Grass

Sensory: Plastic Grass

Suggested ages: 1 - 6

Reuse that plastic easter grass by placing it in a large flat bin. Add some insects, magnifying glasses, or other fun finds and change the dynamic of how they play with the usual toys.

Yarn Bin

Sensory: Yarn Bin

Suggested ages: 1 - 6

Cut up a bunch of  colorful yarn and place it in a large flat bin. Add some scoops, pails, or other fun finds and watch the fun sensory exploration.

turkey feathers

Sensory: Feathers

Suggested ages: 2 - 6

Toss a bunch of feathers into a large flat bin and add in some farm animals. Add in some small boxes, or blocks to build walls or stack just for fun and watch the farm take a new sensory shape.

Wet sand

Sensory: Wet Sand

Suggested ages: 1 - 8

When sand is wet it is messy, but fun! No need for fancy sand toys. Try just adding small containers to mold some shapes such as empty yogurt containers or applesauce cups.


Sensory: Goop

Suggested ages: 2 - 13

Messy but easy to clean!

This goop recipe just requires corn starch and water. Mix it 50/50 and then watch what happens. Looks solid, but then poke it with a spoon or popsicle stick and it changes shape like it's a liquid.

Sand Dig

Sensory: Sand Dig

Suggested ages 2 - 7

Put some dry sand in a bin with some plastic toys hidden underneath. Put in some scoops, or shovels and let the kids discover the hidden toys. Try adding plastic insects or spiders for a fun nature exploration.

Pea Gravel

Sensory: Pea Gravel

Suggested ages: 3 - 7

Just like the gravel at the playground, kids love to play with rocks. Mix them in with some small dump trucks, containers or just plain pails for dumping. Kids love to transfer and pour rocks from one container to the other.


Sensory: Birdseed

Suggested ages: 3 - 7

Kids love the texture of the birdseed mix on their hands and enjoy dumping it in and out of various containers. You can use old yogurt containers or apple sauce, or try adding some paper towel rolls to watch them experiment pouring it in the holes.

Image by Lubomirkin

Sensory: Water Pour

Suggested ages 1 - 7

Add water and any type of scoops and pails  for a fun time. Kids love to pour water from one container to another and watch it splash. Add in a funnel or a water wheel for some new discovery.

Image by Mpho Mojapelo

Sensory: Water Toys

Suggested ages: 1 - 7

For little ones just add their favorite and safe water toys into water and they'll have a blast. For older kids, put in some toys that react differently to the water such as sink/float, change form like sponges, or just fun toys like animals, dinosaurs, or boats for new ways to play with loved toys.

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