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Open-Ended Art

Foster Creativity by focusing on the Art Process

(not the product)

As children get older they may want their creations to show representation such as a vehicle or shield, but adults can still encourage open-ended ways to interact with the art materials. 

If you're interested to learn more about process art visit this NAEYC link.

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Colorful Creations

Colorful Creations

Paint strips, paper, yarn, glue, crayons and scissors.

Tip: If you want to work on scissor skills, encourage them to cut along the white lines on the paint strips.



Paper plates, pipecleaners or yarn, scissors and coloring materials.

Cut  holes on each side to tie the arm band and let the kids do the rest.

Ice Cube Painting

Icecube Painting

Add some paint and sticks before you make ice cubes. Use thick paper for them to paint on and it's a Science experiment while painting.

Tip: If you use food coloring it may not wash off clothes or hands as easily.

water paints

Water Paints

Print a basic design such as a building  frame and add some water paints to let the kids add their own creations.

Click here to download Valentine Poems to paint.


Truck Track Painting

Put some truck wheels in paint and let them paint tracks on another paper.

Puffy Paint

Puffy Paint

Mix glue and shaving cream with some paint and get some 3D puffy art!

Crowns & Tiaras

Crowns & Tiaras

Buy the foam template from Amazon or precut some shapes. Provide some things to make it bling and let them decorate.


Feather Playdough

Add straws or feathers or other things to some play dough and watch the fun creations.

Shaving Cream

Shaving Cream

On a clean surface spray some shaving cream and let the littles explore with their hands. Add in some popsicle sticks to encourage designs or some writing with the older ones.

my little turkey

My Little Turkey

Paint the fingers different colors and the hand and thumb brown. Then stamp the hand and add the feet, beak and goblet.

Gobble Gobble!

Open Construction

Open Construction

Let them use those recyclables into some new sculpture. Blue tape, yarn and pipe cleaners are some ways to help them hold things together.

Tree Painting

Tree Painting

Paint in muffin tins, brushes, and paper. Using the muffin tin helps to keep the colors separated at first, but be prepared, young children will still love to see how they mix!

Bird Feathers

Bird Feathers

Cut out some bird shapes and let them glue feathers for a sensory experience.



Cut egg cartons into 3 bumps to represent ants 3 body parts. Provide googly eyes and various other things to let them follow their own vision.



Treasure those small hands and paint and print them before they grow. Try a basement ceiling tile for some decorative fun.

Muffin tin painting

Muffin Tin Painting

Paint in muffin tins, brushes, and paper. Using the muffin tin helps to keep the colors separated at first, but be prepared, young children will still love to see how they mix!

Ball Rolling

Ball Rolling

Put a paper and dabs of paint in a dishbin. Add a ball and let them roll the designs.

Farm Animals

Farm Animals

Depending on whether your theme is Farm or Thanksgiving you can precut some foam pieces, add some googly eyes and watch a creative creature come to life!

Wooly Sheep

Wooly Sheep

Paper plate, googly eyes, black paper and cotton balls with some glue and look what they could make.


Sensory: Goop

Messy but easy to clean!

This goop recipe just requires corn starch and water. Mix it 50/50 and then watch what happens. Looks solid, but then poke it with a spoon or popsicle stick and it changes shape like it's a liquid.

Santa Face

Santa Face

White paper, red triangles and cotton balls with glue and see what they can do.


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