3 Key Ideas to Get Behavior You Love


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Guiding Behavior

You’re not alone. Parenting is hard!

In this FREE self-paced course gain simple ideas to

change your child's behavior and feel good about it.

Become aware of behavior patterns with you and your child

Gain bite-size strategies to

use right away

Feel confident and more connected

with your child

Change Behavior

Grease Song Changes Behavior

In this video, Anita describes a frustrating bath routine when her son was 4. Anita started a new routine and within a week she changed the behavior to a joyful time. Now, two years later you can see how her son does the routine with a stuffed animal.

Course Description

Guiding Behavior

Anita explains in this 3 minute video more about how the free course works for you.

Why is this course FREE?



Through some tough experiences Anita had the realization that some of her teacher tricks could apply to parenting. But it took some time for her to figure it out and wished she knew then what she knows now.

Her goal is to help all moms feel more confident with parenting challenges while staying connected with their child.