Child Behavior

Encouraging Healthy Child Behavior

All parents want their children to behave well, but many find themselves confused about how to reach that goal. The following are a few simple ways in which you can influence positive behavior and ease some of the overwhelm.

Be a Positive Role Model

Positive child behavior begins with the parent as children mimic what they see and hear. By making a conscious effort to behave as you wish for your child to, you are increasing their chances of success.

Provide Praise

Often, if children feel they are not getting the attention they want, they will work harder to get it. This typically leads to bad behavior- they would rather have bad attention than none at all.

Combat this by praising them when they do something good- no matter how small it may seem. Doing so gives them the desired attention and the motivation to get more of it, typically leading to less need for discipline for preschoolers.

Give Them Responsibilities

Whether they act like it or not, children enjoy being responsible for things. It helps to give them a sense of purpose and make them feel good about themselves.

The key is to give them responsibilities that they are capable of handling and have a system of rewards and consequences for how they manage those responsibilities. Providing this discipline for preschoolers can impact their behavior for years to come.

Play With Your Kids

Playing and spending with your children- even just a few moments a day- can make a big difference in a child's behavior. It helps them feel more fulfilled and can impact their self-esteem.

Provide Stimulating Activities

Boredom and a lack of stimulation can quickly lead to negative behavior. Keep activities, such as games, arts, and crafts, around to keep them occupied.

Have Clear Rules

One of the best ways to encourage healthy child behavior is to have clear rules and consequences. Rules and discipline are imperative as children need to know what is expected of them and what will happen when those expectations are not met.

It is also vitally important that you follow through with the consequences. If you do not, they will assume that there are none to worry about.

At Kids Move & Learn, we are committed to helping parents reach behavioral goals and develop an enriching relationship with their children. Check out some of our physically and mentally stimulating activities that you and your children can do at home together, along with more tips and tricks to make your parenting journey more rewarding.