Family Event Planning

Ideas to help you plan your next Family Event, HOA Picnic or Client Appreciation Event.
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Templates to help you plan.

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Fun ideas

Add a theme to create some jazz and some more excitement.

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Giveaway Ideas

Useful not wasteful

Ideas on things to promote or engage.

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Lots to consider

For the wall, the table or the air, lots to consider.

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Local Suggestions

This list comes from local DMV families.



Places outside your home

Location ideas to host your own party.

Local Professionals

Local Professionals

Entertainers and More!

Hire local professionals to do your work for you!

Entertainment Ideas

Entertainment Ideas

Fun Activities to Engage

Check out some popular stations, games and activities for kids & families!



Ideas to purchase

Look through these for some recommendations on what to buy.

Local resources

Local Resources

Other Local Recommendations

The DMV area is resource-rich and here is a compiled list of key things for kids.

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Adult Interactions


Meeting new people?

Use some simple networking ideas to get conversations started.