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Ideas to Build Gross Motor Skills
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Red and Black Motorcycle 2

Car, Car, Motorcycle

Suggested ages: 3 - 7

Just like “Duck, Duck, Goose”, this game has children running each other in circles!

Kids Racing

Clothespin Relay

Suggested ages: 7 +

In this game we have two teams and everyone gets in a relay line. There are clothespins on a rope and in teams of two, each using only one finger be able to move a clothespin to the empty rope on the other side of the room.

Donut Rope Eating

Donut Rope Eating

Suggested ages: 4 +

This is a hilarious game to watch as a kids (or adults) line up to eat a donut off a string with no hands. Spice it up with a race and witness some extra funny faces!

Image by Diego Jimenez

Drive and Freeze

Suggested ages: 1 - 6

A roadway is created on the ground where the children pretend to drive around when the music is on. Fast music, they drive fast, slow music they drive slowly. And when the music stops they freeze!

Kids Running


Suggested Ages: 3 +

A fun traditional game for all ages where people line up to go under a limbo stick. Every round the limbo stick gets lower until people are bending their back in unusual shapes.


Roadway Adventures

Suggested Ages: 4 +

Children move along a path pretending to be their vehicle of choice (motorcycle, truck, race car, etc.) while someone calls out an action. Some fun actions are yellow light/watch out, green light/move fast, stop sign/stop and count to 3, roadkill/hold nose and say "PeeYu", speed bump/jump, etc.

Running Children

Ship to Shore

Suggested ages: 3 - 10

In this game all of the children pretend to be on a ship and have to run from side to side while following all of the captain's crazy directions.

Children Playing

What Time is it Mr. Fox

Suggested ages 3 - 7

In this highly. requested game, one person is a fox and everyone else stands away from the fox. Everyone calls out "What Time is it Mr. Fox?" As the Fox calls out a time, everyone slowly creeps towards the The Fox. But watch out because when it's "Lunch Time" the Fox chases everyone at once!

Happy Boy

Clean Up the Yard

Suggested ages: 3-7

Draw a line down the middle and split the children into two groups. Put some Nerf balls on both sides and call it trash. Tell the children the objective is to toss the trash to the other side as fast as they can.

Crazy Cones

Crazy Cones

Suggested ages: 3 - 7

A bunch of cones are placed in between two groups of children. The goal is to knock the cones down while the other group stacks them upright. It's a game where everyone's a where everyone's a winner in going crazy!

Face the Cookie

Face the Cookie

Suggested ages: 3 +

Silly faces could be another name for this game as contestants tilt their head up and a cookie is placed between their eyes. The objective of the game is to eat the cookie without using any other body parts.

Children in School Bus

Get on the Bus

Suggested ages: 2 - 8

A simple, silly game full of laughter! As the children pretend to ride a school bus they use imagination and get distracted by fun things to see and do along the way.

African American Kids Dancing

Musical Hoops

Suggested ages: 1 - 10

Similar to the traditional Musical Chairs we line up the hoops and everyone dances around. When the music stops everyone jumps into a hoop. This is repeated as hoops are taken away creating some fun competition to get a hoop first. To mix up the rules for fun group dancing we can share hoops as some are taken away.

Children Running

Red Light, Green Light

Suggested ages: 2 - 7

This classic game has everyone running and stopping on cues. After a few rounds watch the fun evolve as we mix it up with red means go and green means stop.


Tail Swing Race

Suggested ages: 5 +

This is another funny game where each person has a pair of stockings tied around their waist. In one leg a potato is stuffed into the bottom to look like a heavy tail hanging from their behind. The object of the game is for the contestant to swing their tail repetitively in order to hit another rolling potato in the goal. Modify this with teams or races to watch some extra funny hip swinging.

Wrap the mummy

Wrap the Mummy

Suggested ages: 4 +

In teams of 3 or 4 one person gets to be the “mummy” while the others wrap him or her up with streamers. The team that wraps up their “mummy” first wins!

Boy Jumping

Stomp Rockets

Suggested ages: 4 +

These toys are popular when there is a lot of space. The rockets shoot up to 200 feet in the air by the power of children stomping on an air pad.

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