3 Fun and Easy Ways to Make Snowman Art

Even if you aren’t getting snow this winter you can have some fun with these 3 simple ways to create a snowman.

Opportunities for creative expression helps children develop a lot of skills that sets a foundation for learning. For example, by allowing your child to make their own plan for their snowman, deciding how to represent snowman parts, and choosing the materials they will use takes a lot of thinking skills.

Giving your child space to explore and create their own unique snowman will support their creative problem solving skills, provide language opportunities & build their independence all while practicing the fine motor skills that are foundational for writing.

Here is what you need to get started:

1. Print this printable for tips and pictures:

2. Choose one of the 3 materials to make your “snow”

  • Glue and Cotton Balls- Place about 2 tbsp glue and 1 tbsp water in a shallow bowl and mix. Dip cotton balls in glue and water and place on paper.

  • Puffy Paint- 1 part glue mixed with 2 parts shaving cream. Paint with a paint brush directly onto paper. Dries puffy and no extra glue is needed to add materials.

  • Chalk- Dipping the chalk in water can make it smoother when drawing on paper and watching it dry into a bright color is fun!

3. Collect some collage materials from old craft scraps (fabric and paper scraps, pom poms, googly eyes, glitter, pipe cleaners, bottle caps, ribbon, tissue paper, felt or foam paper sheets, stickers, etc.) If you have not yet started a scrap box here is a great starter collage kit.

4. Grab some dark (black or blue) construction paper

5. Find kid friendly glue and scissors

Set up an art space for your child to work and invite them to make a snowman with the materials available. Allow them to create their own unique snowman. Keep open to your child’s ideas and allow them to problem solve and be creative in what they use for arms, a hat, scarf, eyes, etc.

Ask questions to help get them started. Here are some great examples:

“What shape can we draw to make a snowman?”


“What can we use to give the snowman a nose?”

When your child has finished, ask them to tell you about it, “Tell me how you made your snowman!” and invite them to try one of the other “snow” materials; compare how they might be different.

To learn more check out this video or download the activity planning sheet.