3 Summer-Fun Ways To Teach Pre-Reading Skills!

Just because summer break is here doesn't mean the learning needs to stop. Strengthen your preschoolers pre-reading skills with some very fun summer activities from our Simple Summer Learning Calendar.

There are many skills that come before being able to read the words on a page. These skills include but are not limited to;

  • letter recognition,

  • understanding that words are made up of groups of letters,

  • print directionality,

  • how to engage with books and reading materials,

  • And so much more!

The ideas in this calendar will all support your child’s overall intellectual and language skills as they challenge them to recall letter names, give them opportunity for hearing oral language and watch you model written language and express their own ideas!

And lucky for caregivers, these skills can all be taught with simple materials you probably already have around the house!

Check out these 3 Summer fun activities to keep the learning going and teach pre-reading skills:

Beach Ball Letter Toss: (see kids move and learn activity planner here)

Kids will love the active movement in this game!

  • Use a sharpie to write letters all over a beach ball

  • Toss back and forth, as you catch it, check out where your hand lands and name that letter!

  • For an extra challenge, see if you can name all 26 letters!

Summer Bucket List:

Kids will love the opportunity to share their own ideas about fun with a caregiver, and what a great way to connect!

  • Grab a piece of paper or posterboard and markers

  • Have your child dictate to you 3-4 activities they would like to do over the summer. Some questions you could ask to help generate ideas, “who do you want to see? where do you want to go? What kind of book would you like to read?

  • As you write, narrate how you spell, point out the spaces between words and how you group the letters together to make a word, Ask them where you should start writing (do I start at the top or the bottom of the page?)

  • Hang your list up and as you accomplish each item cross it off and ask, What was the best part of that activity? or Do you think you would do that again?

Make a cozy reading nook:

Kids will love a quiet space all to their own!

  • Grab a piece of paper or posterboard and markers

  • Grab a large cardboard box and decorate it with crayons.

  • Add some pillows, blankets and a small flashlight

  • Take time each day to engage with books in your cozy reading spot

  • As your children engage with books, encourage them to tell you what is happening in a picture, find a familiar word or letter in the text, and/or predict what might happen in the story.

If you want more information on how all this summer reading fun can support your child in pre-reading skills check out the Simplified Teaching videos.