31 days of Simple Summer Learning Activities

School is out for some kids, but the learning won’t stop with this downloadable Simple Summer Learning Calendar!

The Simple Summer Learning Calendar has 31 easy-to-prep and fun-to-do learning activities for each day of the month.

Each engaging activity incorporates preschool skills in literacy, number sense, critical thinking, fine motor, language, and so much more. Your child will have a blast while continuing to refine the skills they learned and prepare them for the fall.

You have so many options with this calendar. Decide what’s best for you and your child.

  • Follow the days in order or go backwards.

  • Pick an activity that best fits in your busy day.

  • Give your child a choice between two activities.

  • Assign random letters or numbers on the squares and write each number or letter on a slip of paper in a bag and pull one out randomly when you have time or interest.

  • Cut up the squares and put them in a bag.

Don’t forget to keep the digital copy because throughout the calendar there are many links for suggested materials, detailed explanation of the activities or ideas for expansion.

But no stress because many of the activities have no prep or the materials can be used in other activities, keeping it easy on you and the focus on learning.

Each activity from the calendar is geared toward a specific preschool skill and can also serve as a moment to connect with your child. Take a few moments to join them in each new experience. Ask questions that spark curiosity and deep thinking by using starters like

“I wonder…”,

“How will we…”


“Tell me more about…”

New activities each day will keep your preschooler excited about learning and engaged in the activity. They will find a new favorite they want to do again and again!

Have a blast learning through play as you make your way through each day on the downloadable calendar!

To learn more check out this video or download the activity planning sheet.

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