5 simple (and cheap) ways to plan for kid activities at a family event

1. Create a sand bin by purchasing a long under the bed type of containers and add some $2 sand from your home improvement store. Collect measuring cups, spoons or muffin tins and toss a sheet, shower curtain or table cloth underneath.

2. Set up a stamping station with washable ink, stamps and ink can be purchased at Michaels or Walmart for less than $20.

3. Save some egg cartons and buy some decorative rocks. Let the kids invent their own type of Mancala game

4. Put some dish soap and water in a couple of dish bins and add some plastic dishes and a couple of cloths. Put some towels nearby and watch the kids clean the dishes spotless.

5. Buy a pack of large disposable cups and put them in a space for children to build towers. Place them in a clear area to be prepared for the cups to stack high and fall several times.

6. Follow www.KidsMoveandLearn.com to learn more ideas!

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