5 Simple Valentine Activities To Do With Your Kids

Valentine’s Day is always a fun theme to do with kids. It’s about love, friendship, kindness and caring which are all values we try to instill our kids. Here are five simple activities to do with your kids that take little to no effort to set up.

1. Heart Scavenger Hunt: Cut up 10 hearts out of paper and hide them in obvious places throughout the room while your kids aren’t looking (Tip: Hide in more difficult places for older kids). Tell your kids to go find the 10 hearts and bring them back. Then switch places where they hide and you go find them. You’ll be surprised how much this simple game interests preschools. Usually us adults are bored with it way sooner than they are. If you have two kids you can teach them to play with each other.

2. Five Pretty Valentines Poem: Read or sing this poem with kids and teach math concepts up to 5 check this out. And to make it more fun for the kids, use your fingers, or cut out some felt or paper hearts.

3. Water Paint Poem Cards: A painting activity that is simple to clean up. Buy some water paints, a smock with sleeves or buy one without sleeves and print some poems on paper. For complete directions, check out this link.

4. Kindness Rocks: Find some larger, especially flat rocks out on your walks and bring them home to paint or color. Give your kids some pink, red and white markers to create heart symbols on the rocks. If they are starting to write letters you can also encourage them to add the word LOVE on them, but be prepared to give them lots of rock space for this. Young children draw large letters until they develop more refinement in their fine motor finger muscles.

5. Read a Book: One of our favorite books is by Robert Munsch called “Love You Forever”. Borrow from a library or you can purchase the book from our affiliate link. Or if you’d like to see other recommended books we have a whole list of them here.

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