A Book with an Important Message

When young children are egocentric and still learning how to be empathetic towards other people, teaching a concept such as anti-bullying tactics are hard to do. But Kathryn Otoshi does it well in her book called “One.

This book has such a beautiful way of getting the important message across. In this book called ‘One’ these colorful dots stand up for someone who gets bullied. The word play on the numbers and colors are really fun and silly for kids.

There are even some parts where the kids can help read because it’s predictable such as naming the colors like a feeling like red is hot. And when you read the book with voice and expression it can be super engaging for kids.

I’ve heard that this author has done presentations at schools which I can imagine would be a lot of fun. She also has two other books called Two and Zero. Both with some other good messages to share.

If you’ve read any of her books what do you like about them? Have you ever been bullied or seen bullying? It is such a big problem out there among kids (and some would say adults too). Books like this really help instill good values while they’re young. What other books do you recommend to stop bullying?

There are so many wonderful books out there for kids. Some have important messages, and some are just favorite classics. If you seek more ideas and recommendations here is a great list.

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