A fun, simple scavenger hunt to do with any age!

If you’re looking for something new to do such as a scavenger hunt in a small area you can control such as your yard, or a basement, try this fun scavenger hunt game. Insect hunting is a fun thing to do this time of year, but real bugs might freak you or your child out, or when you are looking to find them they’re nowhere to be seen.

So a simple idea is to purchase a pack of a small toy set such as this fake Insects and hide them in your area of choosing. This can be extra fun in a small yard, or around a garage since you can play along that there are insects to be found and then it’s a surprise and good distraction when your child finds these plastic ones. One hint we need to share now though is that it’s best to count how many you hide so it’ll be easier to track when your child is out hunting for them. Once, I remember playing this game and thought we caught them all, only to find a couple of treasures 6 months later when we were raking leaves.

Once you found all or many of the insects here are 5 simple ways to embed some fun learning for a preschooler with a math or literacy focus.

  1. Sort the insects. Sort by letter sounds, colors, shape, or size. Or, sort by those that fly or those that don't.

  2. Play what am I? Give the child some clues that narrow down the insect you are thinking of. Let them guess until they narrow it down and then reinforce how the clues supported the final insect’s description.

  3. Take the learning to a new level by reading, or watching about the insects on a video. There are tons of free resources such as streaming videos or child-friendly websites. Here is one of our favorite kid encyclopedias.

  4. Count the insects, count the wings, or count the legs. Put them in piles of 2 and practice counting by 2s or try 5s.

  5. Split the insects up between you and your child, or between two children and discuss comparison using words such as who has more, less or the same. You can even introduce word problems by asking, if I take one away, how many will you have left?

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