How to Use a Grease song to Change your Child’s Behavior

Do you feel like you’re pulling teeth trying to get kids to do something?

Sometimes simple routines can become so challenging especially when your child doesn’t want to follow directions on something they know how to do. And what’s worse, is when the challenging time leads into creating other challenges throughout the day.

For example, ever have the time when you’re in a power struggle with your child to brush their teeth before you leave for the day, and then that turns into a power struggle to get their shoes on and then to get into the car? It’s like one thing just leads into another and you’re exhausted by the time you get out the door?

An interesting way to change a negative situation into a positive situation is to change the routine into something silly and fun. Children respond well to this and when it’s a positive routine, it leaves you feeling more energized.

In this video, Anita shares how she was frustrated that she couldn’t get her son to dry himself off after bathtime. She started a new routine at 4 years old and within a week she changed the behavior. Now two years later you can watch how he does it with a stuffed animal.

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