AEIOU song

A fun simple song to support phonic instruction is the AEIOU song. Children love it because it sounds so funny, makes your mouth move in funny ways and is repetitive. And for those older children you can tie in the conversation about how you’re using a short ‘a’ sound to a long ‘a’ sound. You can also cut out the vowels as seen in this picture to point to as you sing.

These are all the words to the song, and I can guarantee your kids will think it's fun and funny if you join in leading it.

I like to eat, eat, eat, apples and bananas,

I like to eat, eat, eat, apples and bananas

How you sing it is to repeat the one verse by changing the sound of the vowels. So instead of singing a soft ‘a’ as you would when you pronounce the word “apple”, you would sing the second verse by pronouncing a long a such as “Apel”. To hear the tune to the song you can listen to it at this link.