Are you struggling with new backyard ideas?

Here are 3 fun things you can introduce your kids to get them moving and off screens!

  1. Connect 4 - This giant game is fun for all ages! Even little ones can build some hand/eye coordination when you pick them up to drop a piece in.

  2. Slack Line - If you have a couple of trees or posts in your yard you could attach this slackline a couple feet off the ground and learn how to balance! It’s strong enough for all ages, but if you’re doing this for younger kids add a hand rope like this a few feet above so they can hold on at the same time. You’ll be amazed at how much core this works. It’s a workout for adults too!.

  3. Stomp Rocket - This isn’t our first time recommending this fun stomp rocket as it is so much fun for all ages! And you don’t need a yard, you can do this anywhere in open space. If you need more rockets to fly in the air, try this refill pack. And a tip when you put them together is to use tape on the bases so it’ll stay together longer.