Being a mom is tough work!

Sometimes being a mom is really hard and overwhelming. We make a lot of daily sacrifices for our children that sometimes nobody understands.

We shop for them, we clean for them, we cook for them. We lose sleep, lose time, lose money. Lots of money - face it! Kids can be expensive. Many women also lose a lot of confidence too since the demands of parenting are often overwhelming.

But besides a new bundle of joy we gain many things too. A few new pounds, new stretch marks and big droopy eyes. The most rewarding thing we can gain is our confidence. Not lose it.

Too many moms cover up how they really feel because they worry about being judged or criticized. That’s why having honest connections with other moms is so important. What you learn is that you’re not alone! You have much to give each other in terms of picking each other up when the other needs it.

Sometimes all you need to hear is “You got this!” and so do they.

If you don’t have someone on speed dial, find someone. Many moms today are finding online friends are easier to connect with. There’s something about the virtual setting that helps moms feel less worry, less guilt, and less judgment.

That’s why Kids Move and Learn has made a Facebook just for you. A group of moms that can come together to lift each other up.

Join today! Make your connection, and lift each other up!

Watch this to learn more about how the Facebook Group can help you.