Boredom Busting game!

This fun game can be played by 2 people or 20. You can make it a race, or just for fun to finish! Play this game at a party, or just to bust boredom.

Here’s how to play:

  1. Buy streamers from a dollar store, or decide to use rolls of toilet paper. Streamers are more colorful and you can make each team a different color if you like.

  2. Divide the participants into teams as small as 2, or up to 4.

  3. Have one member on the team sit in a chair and to hold their hands up to cover their neck. (This is for safety measures.)

  4. Explain the directions. (Doing this before handing out the rolls helps ensure they’re listening). Tell the participants that they will be “wrapping the mummy” by covering up their team member that is sitting on the chair. Remind them not to cover the eyes and nose/mouth area for breathing. Also, remind them to do their best to avoid the neck. (Tip: if you see participants covering the neck, step in as this may become a safety issue when they are removing the streamers).

  5. Give out a roll of streamer to each standing participant, or one or two rolls per team for them to share.

  6. First one all wrapped wins! (Or everyone wins if they unwrap the whole roll!)

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