What Do Kids and a Brick Wall Have in Common?

They DON’T listen! Right? Are you feeling like you’re constantly repeating yourself and you get no reaction? But you really wish they would just do what you ask so you can feel happier and be more productive?

As a parent and an educator, Anita gets it. She used to lead 20 kids in a classroom or at birthday parties and she figured out some tricks to get them to listen. A big tip is to plan backwards. Picturing what it looks like and being able to clarify what that looks like can go a long way.

Watch this short video to see how visualizing success is going to break down that wall and start building a new positive routine between you and your child.

Each of the videos in this guiding behavior series leads you to creating a positive change in your family.

This is the second video in the sixteen video course. You can watch them in any order, but to see significant changes we recommend watching them in order.

Also, each video has an aligned guidebook to help you reflect and plan your way to success.

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Disclaimer: Please remember that this can not replace professional help and if you feel that you or your child needs professional help you should consult with an official representative in the community where you live.