Can you catch the Gingerbread man?

The Gingerbread Man (both the cookie and the story) is a favorite preschool holiday tradition. With a little imagination and with this gingerbread man chase you can make the tradition into a fun opportunity for connection and learning.

First, read your favorite version of the gingerbread man story. Here are a few favorites available on Amazon:

After reading the story, make your own gingerbread cookies using a favorite recipe or grab a mix from the grocery store.

While they bake hide the clues from the Gingerbread Chase printable. Use the italic print and numbers to guide you in hiding them.

Place a gingerbread cookie and the last clue in the cookie jar (or wherever you keep the sweet treats in your house!)

Once your clues are hidden and the smell of gingerbread fills the house, place an empty cookie sheet in the oven and invite your child to check for cookies in the oven with you. Much to their surprise the Gingerbread Man will be missing!

Read your first clue and the chase is on!

Not only will your preschooler love the excitement of chasing the gingerbread man, but reading the clues supports development of listening and critical thinking skills. Read the clues aloud and allow your child to problem solve or use keywords to figure out where the gingerbread man could be.

Provide additional prompts if needed. For example helping them identify objects with wheels or listing possible places in your house where the toys are kept.

As you enjoy your hard earned gingerbread cookie, review location words by mentioning where you found clues and what the gingerbread man did while you were on your chase.

Don't be surprised if this becomes an activity they will want to do over and over again! You can easily repeat it with stuffed animals or make up new hunts.

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