Did You Know Math can teach Reading too?

Math is full of patterns and symbols and so is reading! Young children especially need opportunities to explore their environment and when adults model language and discuss patterns or symbols in the environment it will help children notice these things which helps support awareness and cognitive thinking.

For example:

The calendar has a counting pattern that goes left to right. And then sweep back to the left to continue counting. We do this in reading (for most languages).

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Here are a couple of ways to model this for kids:

  • Point to each of the calendar boxes when you’re counting.

  • For kids that do better only counting up to 7 you can just comment on how the numbers go left to right and point out that the number one represents one box.

  • For kids that are good at counting past 7 and start to understand that a box represents a number try introducing them to find 8 by going back to the left.

  • Then when you want to model how you read a simple book to them you can comment how your eyes go back to the left side just like the calendar too.

What are some other examples you’ve seen in Math that support reading?