EASY to set up Rainbow Scavenger Hunt to teach vocabulary

This rainbow scavenger has minimal set up & no extra materials are needed to actively teach descriptive vocabulary such as color labels and location words. Your little ones will love the challenge of seeking out toys or materials to make a rainbow.

Follow these easy steps to create your rainbow at home:


  • Print out the color cards. These can be used to help your child identify and match the colors they are seeking

  • Check that toys and materials are easily accessible and visible to your child.


  • Invite your child to make a rainbow with you, “Let’s make a rainbow with our toys, here is the color red (show color card) can you find some toys that are red?”

  • Move through the colors of the rainbow one at a time, finding toys, markers, paper, bows, anything that matches your colors!

  • As your child looks, you can include hints or clues to practice understanding more complex directions with location words such as under, on, behind, next to, etc. For example, “I see something purple under the chair.”

  • When you have found all the colors, review color labels by sorting your items and placing the color card next to the corresponding color.

  • Review how and where you found the items to practice using location vocabulary. “I remember we found the purple bear on top of your bed, where was the green bear?”


  • To extend this activity you can ask questions to encourage counting the items.

“How many blue ones did we find?” or “Which color do we have the most of?”

Clean Up:

  • Cleaning up your rainbow can also serve as a way to review the color labels and location vocabulary. Give directions or ask questions like, “First let's put the red toys away.” or “I can’t remember where the green train goes, where did you find it?”

Keep your color cards accessible to your little ones, you might find that they use them to do the activity again on their own or find a new way to use them.

To learn more download the activity planning sheet.

Or for a real challenge, get your kids to watch this video to find items around the house that start with a specific letter sound rather than a color.