Everybody Do This Song

Anita used to sing this catchy song every day when she worked with preschoolers. It was a way to be silly and capture attention. She would change the actions to match the words.

Sometimes she would use the song to get them to follow directions. Like if she was leading a circle time she’d get them to dance and sing, then sit and and copy her hand actions which eventually got quieter and calmer so the kids were ready for story time.

At home you can do this too especially when you want to get your child’s attention. By using the words “Do this” get them to look at you and copy what you are modeling. That way they’re not just singing without following your expectations.

Like have you tried to sing while getting your toddler to wash their hands?

If you sing this while modeling they’ll learn what it looks like and how long to wash and scrub their hands.

Another way to mix up this fun song is to use some colorful see through scarves.

Each child could have their own scarf and you can sing the song while they copy your actions. For example: dance them on your head, shake them high, or tie it around your wrist.

And if you want another simple song to add to a simple routine.

Add a Row Boat tune to words like this:

Wash, wash, wash your hands,

Wash them nice and clean,

Wash, wash wash your hands.

Wash them till they’re clean.


Walk, walk, walk your feet.

Quietly down the hall.

Walk, walk, walk your feet.

Do not touch the wall.

Or here’s another that works really well when you want them to clean up sung to the same Row the boat tune.

Clean, clean clean the toys

Clean the toys all up.

Clean clean clean the toys

Clean the toys all up.

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