Favorite Halloween Activities to do at Home

October is the time when the weather changes, and so do our activities as we focus on the themes of Halloween and Fall colors. That’s why I put together a short list of 5 of my favorite activities to do at home with toddlers and preschoolers during the month of October.

1. Wrap the Mummy

This hilarious game can be done with more than one kid, or their stuffed animals and dolls. Check out this write up for more information.

2. Bug Toss

This is a fun way to get those throwing skills but with some Halloween fun indoors.

Take some of the cotton spider web material and spread it out between two chairs or a hallway. Then using any craft materials make some pretend insects, or buy the small plastic ones from any dollar store. Then get tossing as the insects “fly” into the web and get caught by the spiders! Check out this blog to watch a video and learn more.

3. Playdoh Pumpkin Faces

Encourage children to mold the playdoh to match the Jack-o-Lantern face. In the process, they’ll learn math by talking about the shapes and develop finger muscle skills which are needed later on for using scissors or pencils.

4. Sing 5 Little Spiders

You all know the song 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed. But have you heard of 5 little spiders jumping on the web? Check out this past blog to download the lyrics.

5. Pumpkin Math

Did you know that there is a lot of specific vocabulary that kids need when they learn math? This blog isn’t a step by step activity per say, but something you can embed into your every day play and when you’re out picking a pumpkin! Check out what types of words you should be using in your experiences

For more fun activities check out these fun resources https://www.kidsmoveandlearn.com/shop