Fun ways to use large letter printouts that get kid engaged

We all want kids to recognize their alphabet letters before they go to kindergarten but many of us often struggle on how to do it through active games.

That’s why I love the ideas on this print out. These large alphabet letters can be used for more than coloring.

The download includes more than a dozen fun hands-on learning activities to do with any kids learning to recognize letters. Each letter is an outline shape on an entire 8x10 sheet of paper making it fun for hands-on activities such as art, games or circle time.

When you use these letter printouts in various ways you can give kids multiple opportunities to learn. Some kids like the art, some like the games, and some like the direct connection to

Learning letters through active play is so good for children. It stimulates their whole body and helps to solidify the connections in their brain for long term memory.

Here are 5 favorite ways to get kids using their hands, body and mind to learn with these alphabet letters:

1. Playdoh

  1. Download recipe to make homemade playdough (or watch it is the YouTube video) or check out this Amazon affiliate link. (If you want to watch how we make our Playdoh check out this video.

2. Scavenger Hunts

a. Show the children the letters and tell them you’re going to hide some (or all). Hide the letters in various places throughout the room or house and have them collect them. Then have them put them in order.

b. If your kids are ready, just hide the letters to their name (make duplicates if they have duplicate letters in their name) and have them find them and put them in order.

c. For real challenges, have them hide or seek each other’s letters to learn how to spell friend’s names or even the letters MOM for a 3 year old is fun.

3. Art

a. Twice a week give a letter to your child to decorate. Try to use various things like bingo dabbers, fabric, or paint.

b. After each one is decorated, slide it into a sheet protector like this from Amazon and then put in a 3 ring binder.

4. Freeze Dance

a. Try putting out the letters on the ground and play a dancing game.

b. When the music stops, you run to a letter and have to call out the letter you stand on. When the music is on, you dance off and around the letters.

c. Or when you only have a few kids you could mix up this game that when the music stops the adult calls a letter to run to it. Or if there are lots of kids, try just duplicating 3 letters such as ABCD and have the kids run to the one the teacher calls out.

5. Focus on finding things that start with a letter.

a. Give the child a print out of a letter and take a picture walk through a magazine or grocery flier. Cut and clue that letter when you find it, or items that start or sound like that letter.