How do silly songs help kids learn?

All too often I've hear parents say stop being silly, or let's do worksheets to learn, but did you know singing silly songs can help kids?

Here are 5 ways that a silly song can help teach your child.

1. Self-Control!

Research shows that children need to develop executive function & self-regulation skills. On this Harvard website experts say Self-control enables us to set priorities and resist impulsive actions or responses. Being able to turn silliness on and off supports the self-control aspects that are needed to be ready to learn. These skills are like building muscles. Giving a child the opportunity to practice this on and off switching helps train the brain so they can more readily turn it off and on when needed for more serious things. A favorite song introduced at Kids Move and Learn playgroups is "Little Fingers Up". You can watch the video here. Or, here are some additional activities from Harvard to support you in building executive functioning skills.


2. Patterns!

Silly songs often have beats/rhymes and rhythms that mimic a type of pattern. If children are able to follow or create these types of patterns then they are more likely able to apply this to other aspects in their lives such as physical movement, sports, even reading and math! Think of it this way, when you dribble a basketball, there are steady movements, or when you read at a steady pace you have fluency. Even patterns in conversations and math is full of them! Here is a simple song called "My Thumbs" that is often used by teachers to help children refocus.


3. Math!

Many silly songs have specific Math concepts. For example, in this 5 little ducks video you can see that it starts out with 5 and as they disappear one at a time it ends up teaching subtraction. Or if you want something a little more active, try having them jump to this 5 Little Monkeys song.


4. Vowels!

Children love to make silly sounds and when you sing a word in a new and unusual way you get them more engaged. This Apples & Bananas song is loved by children and not only teaches them the long and vowel sounds, but gets them more aware of how their tongue, lips and teeth change shapes to manipulate different sounds. This will also help them recognize the differences in spelling and reading like want or won't or went.


5. Reading & Writing

In early writing, children like to spell out mommy and daddy. These silly songs may focus more on the clapping when first introduced, but repeat the songs later as they begin to write and you'll develop some independence.


New Webpage of Songs

In our past playgroups we introduced many new and fun songs that had kids engaged and learning many new songs. Recently we created a webpage of our most loved songs. While we miss our in-person singing, we hope you and your children enjoy listening to them through our videos.

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