How do you Teach Kids Independence?

Model, Scaffold and Practice

Lots of time I hear moms and teachers say their children can’t do things on their own. And then when I ask more questions or start to watch them I see the kids are not given enough opportunity.

Model for the kids HOW to do something. Let them watch, listen and ask questions.

Scaffold means that you are there to help them step up in between the steps at the right timing when they need a little boost or reminder.

But practice…

Practice is key.

Practice is mostly needed! Sometimes adults are stepping in too soon, or limiting the amount of time available for practice. They say it takes someone about 500 times for a child to hear a word before they start to use it. So, if you want them to do something, model it a lot! Because it may be the 600th time they do it independently.

For more ideas on how to get kids to follow your directions after modeling for them check out this 4 minute video.