How does singing a SANTA song help teach reading?

Have you ever noticed how you or your kids remember a song or a tune hours or even days after you hear it? We find ourselves humming it, or hear our kids singing to it in their play?

There’s something about our brain that attaches memory and recall to music in unique ways. Teaching through music is a key strategy that early childhood educators use in their teaching with toddlers and preschoolers. That’s why there are so many songs for this age.

Teachers see surprising results with kids when they are taught how to spell with songs. In 2006 teachers were reporting kids dancing and spelling DELICIOUS.

Imagine that! A 5 year old spelling DELICIOUS and doing so correctly!

That’s because pop singer Fergie was blaring it on the radio every day and some of these kids sang along with their parents in the car.

So naming letters is an early reading skill and that’s why the alphabet song is so common. But, rather than them just rote naming the song, what if you added some twists or games to it?

Like in this fun book, kids learn to sing and stop at a particular letter which has them learning letter recognition rather than just the song.

That’s why moms love this SANTA song so much! Sung to the tune of the BINGO song, it has kids singing, clapping and noticing the letters that spell SANTA!

Grab your kids and watch this video to sing along. Most likely it’ll be the song that they want to sing over and over again!

To download the words, or find other simple songs to sing check out this webpage for more ideas.

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