How does YouTube help teach reading?

Kids can learn in a variety of ways and lately YouTube seems to be the video of choice for the busy parent. Whether you agree that this is a good choice or not, there is no debate that the more engaged children are with videos, the more they’ll learn.

Scavenger hunts get kids involved to run and find something based on a specific description. Increasing vocabulary is a huge part of getting young kids engaged in pre-literacy skills. But when you add in the requirement to find something that begins with a letter sound, kids start to pay more attention to the sounds in words and recognize that letters form words.

In this video kids are encouraged to go and find an item that begins with the letter sounds of H - A - T. After they find three things they learn that those three letters spell a word! They play the game twice as the next three sounds spell the word M-A-T.

And a bonus is that the kids learn that HAT and MAT rhyme adding in the extra attention to notice sounds which are predictors in reading success.

This video is made for kids to play along so just click play and watch them learn!

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