How to teach rhyming to your child using their name and a silly song

Did you know that rhyming is an important early literacy skill?

It's recognizing the sounds that are within words that help with literacy skills needed for Kindergarten. And if you teach how to rhyme in a silly song using your child's name it makes it more fun and engaging to your child.

In this short video Anita explains how to use a puppet and sings the song with her elephant so you can easily learn it and sing with your child.

Here are the words to the song.

Willabee Wallabee Woo

An elephant sat on you.

Willabee Wallabee Wee

An elephant sat on me.

Willabee Wallabee W____ (insert name with a W sound in the front)

An elephant sat on ______ (insert child’s name.)

And when your child's mastered how to do the song and rhyming with a W for the Willabee Wallabee song, you can change it up by singing new verses like Rillabee Rallabee with a rabbit or others!

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