How to Play and Act Like a Snowman Indoors!

Do you enjoy having a little fun watching your kid pretend to be a princess, or a ninja? Sometimes getting them to act out something new can be a challenge, but not when you try this fun snowman activity. It adds so much silly humor to your day with little to no prep.

In this fun snowman & bunny song you and your children can take turns being different roles.

Here’s how to play:

Optional preparation:

Create a small carrot with something orange or use a fresh one from your fridge.

Use a headband and paper to create bunny ears, or check out our affiliate link to order some.

Have one person be designated to be the snowman, and the other be the bunny. The snowman should then hold something up to their nose (which can be anything if they don’t have a real carrot), and have the bunny stand about 5 feet away.

Begin singing this song and have the bunny hop along at the start of the second line and act out the other words to the song.

A chubby little snowman had a carrot nose,

Along came a bunny and what do you suppose? (bunny hops to the snowman)

That hungry little bunny looking for her lunch, (bunny sniffs the snowman)

Took the carrot nose and nibble nibble crunch. (bunny takes the carrot nose and pretends to eat it)

To hear the tune of the song, download a PDF or see other ideas visit our song page.

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