Less Mess Muffin Tin Painting

Sometimes painting can be tricky to provide your child with a variety of colors and you may not have all of the supplies or you want to keep the area more contained. You can use this muffin tin idea to separate the paint colors and make an easy clean up!

Tip #1: Buy washable paint. It cleans way simpler than other paints. Walmart sells a small bottle for a couple of bucks.

Tip #2: Add a squirt of hand soap or dish soap to the paint. This helps make the paint come off of things even easier.

Tip #3: Use 6 different brushes, one in each color if you want to encourage keeping the colors separated. Young children don’t understand the concept of cleaning a brush in between colors, so if you only provided one brush, they are 10times more likely to mix all of the colors up within a few minutes

Tip #4: If your child is more focused on mixing the colors than actually painting this is completely developmentally appropriate. Young children love to mix and experiment. They are born curious and are likely conducting some kind of investigation. Label what they are doing to help build stronger awareness and vocabulary. For example: “Oh I see when you put the blue and yellow together it made green. What are you going to do next?”

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