Grocery Shopping

Ever have those days when you're shopping with your child and they seem bored?

What if you could make shopping educational and less boring for your kids?

Oral Language is an important factor in literacy skills. It’s not just about letter recognition.

The more you expose your child to a variety of words the more prepared they will be for reading!

As you walk by a produce section talk about what you see. These are long, these are round, skinny, wide or thick. As they get used to new words ask them to describe things.

Kids strive for attention. And when you're talking to them about your shopping trip they'll be more likely engaged and less likely to wander off.

Also, children love to touch so let them hold these vegetables and describe how they feel. For example this one feels hard, this feels squishy, what does ripe mean?

Learning all these adjectives will come in handy down the road!

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