Morning Greeting builds Connection

Connection activities help regulate children’s emotions. They set the tone and build the joy loving sensation that is helpful to have when learning something new.

When paired with a daily predictable routine, you create a habit of a regulation strategy that you can use when needed during difficult times.

In this video Anita shares a simple activity you can do in the mornings to start your day.

5 Tips to build in a daily routine

  1. Make it joyful and fun. Add in some humor if needed

  2. Hold yourself accountable. Write it down, or make a checklist. Maybe try to put a sticky note on the fridge to make sure it’s done.

  3. Be present during the routine. Don’t worry about your past or future and instead focus on that moment.

  4. Reward yourself! Feel proud of every baby step and share pride with your child.

  5. If you miss a day or what you meant to do happens later than planned, make it still happen, don’t give up. Just pick up where you left off.