My Little Turkey Craft

A fun keepsake is to make this My Little Turkey handprint with your little one.

What you need:

  • Copy of the Poem (best printed on cardstock)

  • Orange marker

  • Red paint (optional to use a red marker)

  • Blue paint

  • Green paint

  • Yellow paint

  • Orange Paint

  • Brown paint

  • 6 Paint brushes (best to have one per color handy)

While this may look really simple, you know little ones aren’t so patient to keep their fingers apart before applying their hand to paper so here are a few tips to help speeden the process.

  1. Have all the materials ready before calling your child over

  2. Use different brushes for each color so your child doesn’t have to wait long in between colors

  3. Paint the bigger brown part on their palm and thumb first since this is ticklish

  4. Hold their wrist so they keep it in the air while you grab the next paint brush

  5. Model and show how to spread fingers apart before you paint each finger and show how to do it before they push on the table.

  6. Dab the red gobblet on the turkey chin

  7. Draw the beak and feet

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