New ways to play with plastic Easter eggs!

If your kids are like most, you’ve got a pile of empty plastic eggs left over from Easter that are now just collecting dust for an extra year. But don’t put them away yet. Here are a couple of simple ways to bring them back to the rotation of fun!

1. Create a surprise exploration box! (Ages 1-4)

  • Fill a large bin or box with easter grass, insects, other small toys and eggs. If you have larger eggs this can be really fun to stuff larger toys inside.

  • Encourage your child to hide the items inside the eggs and to practice opening and closing the eggs. Build math skills by encouraging them to sort and match by colors. Or have them put 1 thing in one egg, 2 things in another and 3 in another. Then play guess which one. Which one has 1 thing, which one has 2 and which one has 3. You can play this against each other or siblings can play together. If you can’t fit more than 1 thing inside, you can work on language skills by using adjectives and play guess what’s inside by describing words.

2. Fill them again with new things! (Ages 2+)

  • Look around the house for small items that can fit inside. You can do this either on your own or involve the kids. Things like fridge magnet letters, soda bottle lids, child socks, small toys, chapstick, binder clips, plastic bugs, flowers and more.

  • Rather than just hide and find so quickly, create a new game of learning with it. Try writing or drawing down all the things you hid, and then have the child draw or write where it was found, If you have more than one kid and they’re old enough for some friendly competition, create some challenge such as who can find one thing on the list each first or split it up so they have to find different things.

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