Pogo Jump at Home

We all know children have a lot of energy and as adults we especially notice when they are cooped up inside due to poor weather conditions. In some homes there is little room for active play and it’s so hard to keep them calm. So rather than trying to go against the current, encourage them to be active in ways that you can control. For example, a Pogo Jumper is perfect for children to get out their energy. And, if you have a Hello Kitty fan, this Pogo Jumper is perfect for him or her!

Here are 5 ways to create expectations or enhance play with the Pogo Jumper:

1. Think about where you want your Pogo Jumper to be and not to be. Think about safety and items that might get damaged in your house. For example, I don’t like jumping near the kitchen where my son might bump into dishes or the hot stove and I also don’t want him accidentally falling onto the TV.

2. Consider using some blue tape to create a game or set some boundaries. You can tape start and finish lines on the ground and encourage your child to go across the room or hallway. Try counting how many jumps it takes to get from start to finish to build in some math concepts as well. For older kids you can measure the distance and discuss how far each jump goes and explore division or multiplication concepts with the measurement.

3. Use blue tape to create a square on the floor and encourage your child to jump within the square. Try putting a couple of different squares around the room or house to encourage the restrictions of where they can safely jump. This also builds balance, muscle and coordination.

4. Encourage the child to try to sing a whole song while bouncing such as the Alphabet song, or something like Old MacDonald. This will build up stamina as they work towards bouncing for longer periods at once as you add a longer song to try as their skill builds up.

5. Practice counting the jumps and as they get older try counting by 10s, then 5s, then 2s, or by 100.

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