Process Art Ideas for Every Child

Guest Author: Rohini Sripada

'Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.'

A great artist has quoted this and I believe this to be true.

If I were to create art today I would go with a structured goal in mind. I struggle through the process and get there with an unsatisfactory outcome. And most times I give up thinking to myself oh well I am not an artist.

The more I learn through what my kids do the more I realize the process is important to unleash creativity.

Here are some activities we do with paints that have no goals but to enjoy the process.


My kids are very happy just with colors. They don't need material to paint on. They would sit for at least an hour exploring colors and how they blend together. Sometimes they use their body as a canvas or the floor.


Washable paints that are great for kids to use for finger-painting and more!

We also use other mediums to blend in the colors like paint brushes can add to textures and patterns like swirling, mixing and splashing color on paper. I like to wet the paper slightly by spraying on it then giving the child brushes and paint to play around with colors.

Using two to three colors then the kids can create beautiful blends like a yellow, orange and red for a sunset.

Layers of green for Algae Blooms or layers of blue to depict the depths of water.

Wax paper

Wax paper gives a nice texture to blending. Just add a few drops of different paint colors on paper close to each other. Cover it with wax paper and use fingers to spread the paint a bit. Gently remove the paper and you will see some colors mix together to make new colors. Creating a rainbow would be a fun exercise if you want an intentional outcome towards this art.

Tissue Paper

Tissue painting gives a cool texture as the colors blend in and transforms as tissue dries out. I like to give my kids tissues for them to play around with and get crazy painting it. As it's quite absorbent the colors really blend in well. We use cut pieces of tissues and glue them together to create animal collages.

Moving Paint

Blowing paint with straw is another fun exploration in creating art along with running marbles or small balls on paper.

I have learnt so much creating art with my kids most importantly having fun through the process!

The author is Rohini Sripada @learningtobeamum. She is a mum of 2 kids and loves process art and everything about children’s books. She has a successful career as an accountant and digital marketer. She is now focused on play based learning with kids.

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