Renew Interest in those Old Toys

Do you find your kids bored with the usual toys? Try mixing it up to create new interest.

It’s true and frustrating when your kids have all kinds of toys that they don’t play with. They sit on a shelf collecting dust.

There’s something about novelty that attracts us. Think about it, even as an adult. You stand in a store line staring at those small trinkets colorfully placed along the aisle and they peak your interest. Half of the time it’s the same things you have at home in a drawer, but the new colors and curiosity got your attention.

The same idea can work with kids. Try putting out their old toys with a new novel item, or mixing up two types of toys to peak new interest.

This new combination of toys will increase your child’s creativity and imagination. For example, children typically use blocks to build towers, but add some animals and watch the new ideas that emerge.

Or another idea is to put out those happy meal toys in a new place and add some blocks around them. Suddenly that pile of unwanted toys became a new interest.

If you’re looking for some wooden blocks to buy, we recommend these Jenga blocks because they can use them now in play, and as they get older you can play the game by the rules.

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