Reuse Plastic Eggs to Practice Number Sense

Plastic eggs are not just for easter baskets! These cheap and easy to find plastic eggs can be reused in so many different ways!

Preschool children love searching games and combining a search for plastic eggs is a simple and motivating way to practice number sense. Using the number sense printable you can easily set up a number sense egg hunt in your home or backyard.

Here’s how:

1. Download and Print the kids move and learn number and quantity cards.

2. With your child, cut out cards from page one, numerals 1-12. Prompt them to stay on the black lines. The straight lines are perfect age appropriate practice for the preschool age.

3. Stuff each egg with a numeral from page one of the printable. Closing and opening the eggs is another opportunity for fine motor practice!

4. Count your total amount of stuffed eggs and hide them around the house or in your backyard.

5. Hand your child a bag or basket to collect their eggs and encourage them to find as many as they can!

6. Once you have collected the eggs, count your found eggs to make sure you have found them all

7. As your child opens the numerals, match them to the spring pictures representing quantity on page 2. “Which picture has two?” Help them touch each picture once as they count.

Follow these ideas to match your child’s understanding of numerals and quantity or attention:

  • Start with numerals and quantities 1-5 and once they are proficient in matching these numbers add more

  • Cut out all 24 squares from the printable (12 numeral and 12 quantity cards) and hide them all in eggs to find. Open them to find a match!

  • Hide them all in one room/space or hide them throughout the house for a bigger challenge

  • Hide small objects in eggs and count the objects found, count the object found and match to the numeral

Take turns with your child being the “egg hider” or “egg finder”. Count and match together having fun with number sense!

To learn more check out this video or download the activity planning sheet.

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