Shopping Lists can Teach Many Skills!

Preparing for thanksgiving can be a big, time consuming job! Your preschoolers will notice all this work and want to join you.

Ages 3-5 will love to help out with the planning and execution of this exciting event. Creating lists, planning and cooking are all rich ways to work on critical thinking, literacy and math skills.

After you choose a dish that you would like your child to help you follow these steps to plan your trip to the grocery store.

1. Grab a weekly ad from your grocery store or search online to print pictures of the ingredients.

2. Print the Grocery List printable

3. Support your child in cutting and pasting the pictures of your ingredients onto the grocery list

4. As you shop for your ingredients with your child, use the pictures the match pictures and items

5. Your child can practice writing skills as they check each item off the list

While you cook you can ask questions that support critical thinking,

“What do we do next?”

“What will happen when we put it in the oven?”

or focus on counting, sequencing steps and measurement.

Just as you made a plan for shopping and cooking, make a plan for the clean up too. When it comes time to enjoy your dish be sure to revisit your process and all the fun in creating something together.

Above all else, enjoy the connection that planning and cooking can provide when you do it together.

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