30 Simple Toddler and Preschool Ideas for Outdoor Learning Activities

There is a very long list of reasons why spending time outdoors makes for happy and healthy children. But did you know that outdoor activities can be used to teach and practice preschool skills.

Daily simple activities like in this calendar can make it fun and educational too!

Outside learning opportunities can often be fueled by the natural materials that are already present in outdoor spaces, so there is little need to prepare or set up. Moving learning activities outside can also give a child and caregiver an opportunity to escape reminders of daily chores, screens, and household distractions, allowing you to give your full attention to your preschooler.

As spring begins to share seasonal changes, it's the perfect time to engage in learning outside.

Download this simple calendar for a daily outdoor activity that not only uses minimal materials and prep but also gives your child an opportunity to perform science experiments, identify and form letters, count and apply number sense, and use imagination and creativity.

Try one activity a day in calendar order or mix it up!

Use this downloadable PDF and any of the underlined words will link to Kids Move and Learn activity planners or other printables.

After you complete each activity mark it off with a check mark or sticker. What a sense of accomplishment your child will feel when all 30 activities from the downloadable calendar are complete! And maybe a new favorite outdoor activity will be discovered!

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