How to stop yelling an nagging your kids to listen to you. Simple teacher tips for parents

Ever wish you could teach your kid how to do something without all the yelling and nagging? You know the teachers do it. Whether it’s at preschool or kindergarten it’s magical to you since they not only teach your kid, but about 20 others at the same time! It isn’t a miracle, but it does take practice and skill. And in this video watch you how you can do it too. You have one child, and if you believe in yourself, you can teach them anything!s.

This is video 11 out of 16 in a series but you can start on this video and get some useful tips right away!

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Disclaimer: Please remember that this can not replace professional help and if you feel that you or your child needs professional help you should consult with an official representative in the community where you live.