Teach matching skills while you dress for colder temperatures!

During the toddler and early preschool years simple daily tasks like dressing hold many opportunities for practice of early academic skills such as matching.

Matching is a foundational skill that leads to pattern recognition, visual memory tasks and much more!

Using your family’s winter mittens and gloves you can practice matching skills, build concentration, and foster self-care independence for your young learner.

Follow these simple steps to set up your mitten matching activity:

1. Collect family’s mittens and gloves in one basket and clothespins (these mini ones work great for little hands) in another basket.

2. Hang yarn or any other thick string as a clothesline across an empty wall at child’s level. To keep your clothes line as a way to store mittens in colder months, consider keeping it close to other outerwear items like hats, coats, etc.

3. Demonstrate how to use clothespins, a great common household item that supports fine motor strength!

4. Match the gloves and mittens from the basket with your child using descriptive language to talk about the patterns or features of each mitten. Use vocabulary such as same, different and match or pair.

5. Count your pairs or try mixing them up again for a challenge.

Follow up:

1. Keep your clothesline, mittens and clothespins hanging up for as the usual spot to store them. This will give your child the opportunity to practice matching, independence in getting dressed for the cold weather and fine motor strength building daily during the colder months.

2. Check out this mitten matching printable as an easy to prep option for more ways to practice matching while building fine motor and concentration.

To learn more, download this activity plan or check out this video for more ideas on how to do this activity.