Teach Math and More on a Car Ride!

Ever find your kids are bored in the car or you all spend so much time there, but you don’t want them glued to technology?

So why not use that time to teach simple fun concepts they need for math!

Stoplight Seek and Find is a quick and easy way to incorporate preschool concepts into otherwise hard-to-wait times. This activity also provides quick bursts of connection with a caregiver in a time when you might normally be restricted in your play opportunity.

Use this “Stoplight seek and find!” game when you are stuck at a stoplight or waiting in traffic.

Here’s how:

1. Print the shapes and colors cards

2. Cut out and put each card into a mini photo album like this one:

3. Keep in the car and when while waiting (stop lights, kiss n’ ride lines, etc.) pull it out, show your child one card,

"Hey look here is the color red, do you see red outside?” or

“I am seeing so many circles around us, where do you see a circle?”

4. Repeat with the other cards or see how many of one color/shape concept you can find while stopped.

During this activity your child is learning color and shape labels, matching, using descriptive concepts and comparing similarities and differences in objects. Who knew all that could happen just while you are stopped at a stoplight!

Extend this activity by adding more shapes and colors or include other preschool concepts such as numerals and letters.

You can also count to see how many of one shape or color you find.

Keep your photo album within reach of your child so they can pull it out and play on their own or initiate with you when they are interested.

Or learn more by watching this video.