Teach rules and expectations through fun summer play!

I see it too often, kids have some rules during play and other rules when it’s routine time. But why not teach kids how to follow rules or listen to directions during their fun activities?

For example, if you want them to learn to clean up, do it in small increments while they are in a calm present state.

One idea is when they're ready to leave a playground. Get them to fetch their water bottle, or their ball or put it away when they get home. Then don’t forget to praise them for it!

Encouraging words like “You are doing a great job taking care of your things.” teaches them that it is their responsibility. And while this is only a baby step it’s experiences that you are shaping in their brain that prepare them for the larger clean up needs.

Try these 31 fun activities to get kids ready to learn.

This calendar is designed for you to do any activities in a row, skip a day, or just do when you're at home needing to bust boredom.

Each activity is going to support your child getting ready for school through one of their developmental areas such as physical, intellectual, language, emotional or social.

Activity plans such as beach ball letter toss are also included to show how you can turn a simple idea into an intentional learning experience.

Throughout the activities you can

  • build connection,

  • be present in play

  • and use clear expectations

Teach your child how to follow rules during fun summer play! Simple set up, lots of hands-on engagement and great for all ages!

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