Teach Social Emotional Skills Through Daily Practice with this Love Calendar

Updated: Feb 4

Social Emotional skills are essential to success in school and life. Intentionally teaching and practicing these skills in the early years is necessary for a strong social emotional foundation.

Start your daily practice with these simple ideas in the February Share Your Love Calendar.

These quick and easy activities are the perfect way to connect with your child while practicing and reinforcing the social emotional skills needed to build relationships, play with others, recognize feelings and build empathy.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Print the Share Your Love Calendar and hang it somewhere easily visible in your home, like the refrigerator.

2. Invite your child to engage in the activity by reviewing some of the tasks, “Look at this calendar for the month of February, everyday in February we can do something that shares our love for others. Let's see if we can get all 28 days!”

3. Starting February 1st review the day’s activity with your child and give some examples or demonstrate how it might be done.

4. Encourage your child to independently perform the task and once they do, reinforce with specific language,

For example:

Wow! I saw you give your sister a turn to go first in the game.

That is sharing your love with others!

5. Mark completion of the task by placing a sticker (these offer a fun variety for choice!) or drawing a heart over the task and ask your child questions like,

“How do you think that makes them feel?” or “How did that help someone else?”

to support empathy skills.

6. Complete all 28 days and then celebrate!!!!!

Social Emotional Skills need daily practice so be sure to carry some of these ideas over in the future. Giving praise and emphasizing how their actions and words can be used to help others!

To learn more download this activity plan or check out this video for more ideas on how to do this activity.