Teach them to be thankful! (All year long)

Sometimes kids seem so ungrateful! It takes a lot of modeling and practice for them to understand and act grateful.

Preschoolers can begin to understand abstract concepts such as gratitude but it takes time and practice. Use concrete items, recent events and familiar people/experiences as links to abstract concepts to support their understanding.

As Thanksgiving approaches, you can use the “Gratitude Turkey” to support your child in understanding and expressing their gratitude and each family member can make their own.

Modeling your answers and creating your own can help support their participation and understanding. Experiencing this activity together gives families an opportunity to connect, express gratitude and learn more about each other.

Here’s how to make a gratitude turkey:

1. Print out the turkey and feathers, Maybe best to use cardstock.

2. Use crayons, markers, (whatever you have around the house) etc. to color the turkey body.

3. In the days leading up to thanksgiving ask your child a question from the feather pages. Try one or two a day.

4. Help your child color, paint, write, decorate etc. the feather according to their answers. Keep it open to your child’s choice in expression by offering a variety of materials to use in ways they choose. Check out this collage kit for a variety of art materials to help your little one creatively express their ideas

5. Attach the feathers to the turkey body (if you end up using heavier materials you may need to back your turkey on a poster board)

Display your gratitude turkey and revisit the answers and drawings on Thanksgiving with friends and family.

And being thankful should be practiced all year right? So don’t worry if it’s not that time of year for turkeys you can still do this any time of year! Why wait? Then by next Thanksgiving they’ll be ready.

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