Tent Fun for all seasons

When weather limits the amount of outdoor options we look for new ways to engage kids indoors. A beach tent is an excellent way for new indoor play and can be used in the summer at the beach too!

We recommend this beach tent as we have seen durability and use at our events. If you don’t want to purchase one yet, we do offer ours as a rental upon request. This tent has two sides that open or can be zipped up. This enhances the fun opportunities for play.

Here are 10 ways to use the tent indoors:

1. FlashLights:

Have your child go inside with some flashlights and zip up both sides. Take turns with one of you on the outside watching the shadows that the lights make. This VTech flashlight adds some songs, colors and fun prompts to support learning.

2. Surprise Time:

Unzip one side and put it against the wall. Ask your child to wait in the other room while you Put in a surprise inside (maybe a toy the child hasn’t seen in a while or a new puzzle).

3. Read or watch:

Put in a comfy beanbag or pillow for a seat. Let your child bring a book or an electronic device inside to create a new ambiance to refocus attention.

4. Follow the leader:

Unzip both sides and play follow the Leader. Go out around and through the tent by crawling, duck walking, tip toeing or military crawl.

5. Picnic:

Gather some stuffed animals, dolls or other characters and set a table cloth inside. Put a picnic basket or some dishes inside.

6. Color or write:

Gather a basket of paper, crayons and pencils. Use some stools or clipboards as hard surfaces to write on.

7. Card game:

Bring in a set of traditional cards or picture cards and play a matching game inside. For older kids you can play Go Fish, UNO, or other fun favorites.

8. Sorting fun:

Put a container of colorful objects inside with some paper plates or bowls. Encourage your kids to sort the objects out by color, shape or other feature.

9. Campfire:

Set up a pretend campfire outside the tent using old paper towel rolls as logs and red or orange paper. Put marshmallows on the ends of craft sticks or kabob sticks and pretend to roast marshmallows. Add in some singing, a nightlight in the dark and it’ll feel like camping.

10. Nap:

A favorite one that’s not for play but nap! If you want to try something new with nap time put some blankets and pillows inside and encourage a nap. Might be a nice idea for the adults as well.

Note: The recommendations in this post are connected to Amazon affiliate links.

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