Toss it ahead

In all this cold weather everyone’s looking for new ways to keep kids busy indoors. Especially those kids who love to throw things!

I know - you probably don’t want to encourage your child to throw things in the house in case they might break something, but reduce the chaos by creating a controlled fun learning environment.

For example, take some paper and scrunch it into a ball. Try to make some balls with 2 or 3 pieces of paper so they end up with slightly different weights. Then find a box, a laundry basket and an umbrella and set them out in an open space or in their playroom. Draw a line on the floor with a piece of tape and set the basket, umbrella and box at different spaces away from the line.

Build in some vocabulary and adjectives by describing the locations such as the box is the furthest, the umbrella is the closest, or the basket is further than the umbrella.

Add in some numeracy by counting how many times they land in which object and with older children you can give value to each such as the umbrella is 2 points, the basket 1 etc.

If you are using more than just a couple paper balls you can have a conversation about conservation and quantify which container ends up with more or less balls.

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